Accommodating change is essential for keeping up with market variables caused by disruptive technologies, economic swings, & mega trends.

Stay ahead of the pace of change or you're toast!

Synergy Consulting offers a spectrum of advisory services

The ability of a business to quickly adapt to significant changes that impact its company , industry, and economy is essential for the well being of that business.

Synergy Consulting helps clients become more resilient, by surviving threats and leveraging opportunities for sustaining growth and value optimization.

Our professional advisors offer a wide range of services, categorized under: accounting and reporting, risk and compliance, internal auditing, organizational excellence, strategic planning, and mergers & acquisitions.

Accounting & Reporting

  • Our qualified professionals provide a wide range of financial reporting services, such as transition to new accounting standards, restatements and complex accounting, impairment testing, revenue recognition, stock-based compensation, and fair value accounting.

  • We help clients in various accounting services, such as development of chart of accounts, accounting manuals, ERP system, outsourcing of interim CFO and accounting assistants, preparation of historical and projected financial statements, and consolidation. We extend our services to analysis of financial data, managerial reporting, and required accounting treatments for applicable taxes.

Risk & Compliance

  • Risk management and regulatory compliance are intended to drive growth and act as enablers of business strategy. Our consultants help organizations comply with regulatory requirements, respond to situations of noncompliance, and improve the processes around information systems supporting governance, risk, and compliance - GRC.

  • We help clients take a disciplined approach to managing credit, market, and operational risks through a combination of assessments, process improvement, and model review and validation. We ensure that risk is appropriately considered in the strategy-setting process and is integrated with performance management – ERM.

Internal Auditing

  • Most organizations’ internal audit functions are experiencing significant changes due to demands of Regulatory bodies – central banks, capital markets authorities and other international mandates of governance and sox acts.

  • We help organizations transform their internal audit functions by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach that improves the overall effectiveness of their operations. We conduct independent review of organizations internal audit function and evaluate conformance with professional practice standards in accordance with IIA. We also help clients prepare, respond, and emerge stronger from fraud, disputes, and other unplanned events.

Organizational Excellence

  • The ability to drive transformation change of organizations to strengthen its performance is a key source of competitive advantage. Our team has help organizations design and implement change programs dependent on people and processes.

  • Our approach helps ascertain a vision and set targets that are linked to business outcomes, diagnose the organization’s ability to meet those targets, and deliver improvement initiatives to build capabilities.

  • We help clients in setting policies and procedures, authority matrices, job descriptions, performance measurement, compensation schemes, development of ERP system, and people development.

Strategic Planning

  • Our experts bring insights, ideas, and methods to help clients craft winning transformation strategies necessary to create higher-performing organizations that realize optimum value.

  • We support our clients to identify and implement a prioritized set of growth platforms that meet aggressive growth strategies in response to structural shifts caused by new technologies, changing regulations, and evolving customer needs.

  • We also help business leaders re-evaluate their operational strategies and generate value by challenging strategic decisions and align their operating models to their business strategies and financial models.

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Our M&A professionals offer an integrated transactions advisory spectrum from strategy to execution, underpinned by extensive financial, tax, and commercial experience. We identify and assess strategic fit of an acquisition target to help companies refine their growth strategy.

  • We perform deal sourcing, conduct diligence, and apply different valuation models to enable our clients reach the right price and deal structure.

  • We assess our client’s readiness for integration and help create post acquisition integration plan to synergize with acquired target, which may cover managing people aspects and supporting cultural integration.

Industries in which Synergy Consulting has distinctive specialty & competency

Financial Services

Government & Public Sector

Industrial Manufacturing

Energy - Oil & Gas

Islamic Finance

Consumer Products


Transport & Logistics

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