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― Matshona Dhliwayo

About ACCA & Synergy Consulting Strategic Alliance

ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) is the world’s most forward-thinking professional accountancy body. ACCA has graduated more than 544,000 students and registered over 227,000 qualified members in 180 countries.

Over the past decade, Synergy has been delivering training programs on various ACCA Certifications, as an approved learning partner. Synergy has helped thousands of corporate and individual candidates enhance their financial skills and prepare for ACCA online assessments to get certified.

ACCA Certifications @ Synergy Consulting

Cert IFR

Certificate in International Financial Reporting

CertIFR helps candidates understand how IFRSs are used around the world. IFRS are a unified global set of principles and rules for reporting various transactions and items in financial statements. This certificate examines the fundamental requirements of all issued IFRSs on a standard-by-standard basis, and provides basic guidance on how to apply IFRS in more than 160 countries around the word.

Cert IA

Certificate in International Auditing

CertIA offers an introduction to the International Standards on Auditing (ISAs), covering the principles and application of ISAs. It provides topic-by-topic exploration of specific ISAs. CertIA helps candidates understand how ISAs are used around the world, be aware of the fundamental requirements of ISAs on a standard-by-standard basis, and know how to use ISAs in real life when being involved in any auditing process, no matter your role.

Cert BV

Certificate in Business Valuation

CertBV helps candidates understand the different contexts of business valuation, and the considerations which need to be made before undertaking a valuation. CertBV also helps candidates select the appropriate method of business valuation for any given situation. Candidates will be able to practice how to successfully apply the different techniques of business valuation in a practical context..


Certificate in International Public Sector Accounting Standards

CertIPSAS is international accrual-based accounting standards, for use by governments and other public sector entities. IPSAS are developed to improve public sector financial management worldwide through the enhancement of the quality and transparency of financial reporting. It suits departments, authorities, and ministries of GCC Governments to convert from cash to accrual basis of accounting.

Cert PFM

Certificate in Public Financial Management

CertPFM introduces the essentials of public financial management. It provides a practical and broad-based knowledge of public financial management, teaching the foundations of public sector finance and ensuring finance professionals in the public sector have a core understanding of what is involved. CertPFM will transform the finance capabilities of candidates by delivering the needed knowledge and skills.


Diploma in International Financial Reporting

DipIFR helps practitioners master all issued IFRSs and apply relevant financial reporting standards, identify disclosure requirements in financial reports, and consolidate group financial statements of subsidiaries, associates & JV's. This Diploma is the advanced level qualification of IFRS, especially when compared to CertIFR. Therefore it's highly recommended to apply for CertIFR first before attempting this Diploma.

Steps of getting certified from ACCA

  1. Registration

Once you decide about your certificate of interest, we register you at ACCA for the course & online assessment.

2. Preparation

We deliver to you 30 hours of intensive live online training sessions, over 5 full days or 10 half days.

3. Examination

After practicing questions of more than 100 real exams, we help you submit your online assessment (exam).

4. Certification

If you score 50% or more in any of your 3 given exam attempts, instantly an online certificate is issued to you.

Through our selection of ACCA premium certified programs - delivered as Live Online Training, Synergy professional trainers help you throughout the entire registration, preparation and examination processes, till you get certified.