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What we do @ Synergy Consulting

Synergy Consulting helps clients adapt to significant business changes that occur due to disruptive technologies, economic downturns, mega trends, or other factors. We enable businesses to become more resilient, by surviving threats and leveraging opportunities, for achieving steady growth and value optimization. Our professionals offer a wide range of advisory services, such as: accounting and reporting, risk and compliance, internal auditing, organizational excellence, strategic & business planning, and mergers & acquisitions.

Synergy Consulting offers a distinguished array of training services via integration of learning, research, and industry practices. We help organizations and individuals enhance their strengths and match the challenging business needs, at all levels of the ladder, from executives and middle managers to entry level practitioners and fresh graduates. Our professionals provide training programs for professional certifications of global accreditation, professional development of leaders, and corporate in-house workshops & seminars.

Featured Services @ Synergy Consulting


We use our knowledge and market exposure to help management apply IFRSs and overcome the challenges of complexity and frequent changes of accounting standards. Our IFRS qualified professionals help clients in preparation of financial statements and establish effective internal controls over financial reporting through applying a risk-based approach. We offer a range of ACCA courses on International Financial Reporting Standards.


We have expertise in various industries of private businesses that helps entrepreneurs build and sustain great success. Our tailored approach places emphasis on developing our client’s unique ideas, operating style, strategic initiatives, business stakeholders, and legacy portfolios. We help in business planning and feasibility studies, debt financing, human resources, business development, accounting & reporting, and buyouts, restructuring & exiting.

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